During the preliminary estimate process all relevant customer and vehicle information is gathered and a visual damage inspection is performed. The data is entered into a computer program and a preliminary cost estimate is produced. The estimate process is completed after a disassembly of the vehicle where any hidden damage maybe discovered.


Once the preliminary estimate is completed and it is determined that the vehicle is repairable, we can proceed with your authorization. This approval may require an agreement with your Insurer.


Initial parts order is placed and an appointment for repair is made based on the preliminary estimate.


After dis-assembly, the repair plan is completed. Any undiscovered damage or additional parts required to complete the repair are added to the preliminary estimate and communicated with the owner and/or the insurance provider, if necessary, for approval.


70% collision damaged vehicles display some degree of structural misalignment. Your vehicle is carefully measured against manufacturer specified dimensions and returned those specifications using O.E.M. approved equipment and tools.


This is where exterior panels are either straightened or replaced depending on the extent of damage. Body panels are carefully fitted and aligned before proceeding to paint.


Paint preparation is a critical step in the refinishing process. Panels are carefully prepped, primed, and sealed before applying the eco-friendly waterborne color and poly-urethane clear coat. The color is carefully mixed to formula for your vehicle and adjusted if needed to assure a good match.


Lights, moldings, trim, and hardware are re-installed during this step. Electrical and mechanical systems are checked. Wheel alignments, A/C recharges are performed if necessary and a road test is completed to assure your vehicle is returned to pre-accident performance and appearance.


Vehicle is washed and vacuumed, paint is inspected and polished if needed. A final appearance inspection is performed prior to delivery.


Delivery is the last step in the repair process. When you arrive to pick up your vehicle, the bill is explained, the final repair work is completed, and payment is collected. You drive away satisfied that your vehicle has been restored to a safe pre-accident condition.

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